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Cycling Britanny

From Rennes to Mont Saint Michel

This trip guides you through some of the most beautiful cities in Brittany to an exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Site. The path you take is like a secular, architectural and historical pilgrimage. The course is varied and offers many surprises.

Why this destination?

  • Rennes, historic city, dynamic and trendy metropolis
  • Dinan, a medieval city
  • Saint-Malo, the corsair port
  • Cancale and its oyster market
  • Mont-Saint-Michel, "wonder of the west"

Circuit features


Level intermediate

Circuit including some slopes on average distance.
Terrain: Flat
Total distance: 300 km (easy option: 250 km)
Average distance: 40 km (easy option: 30 km)
Vertical drop: 900 m (easy option: 750 m)

What's included:

  • Round trip flights
  • Accommodation
  • Cycling in Brittany
  • Meals formula
  • All baggage transfers during the stay
  • The loan of a GPS
  • Maps of the routes
  • A practical and descriptive logbook including all our recommended addresses
Not included:
  • Transport costs for luggage and bicycles with the airline
Available option(s):
  • Bike rental (road, hybrid)
  • Travel insurance



The Sportvac Voyages team suggests you

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Free arrival in Rennes. The Breton capital offers many surprises and you will soon be conquered by this city that combines wonderfully historic and modern architecture. Passionate about contemporary art and gastronomy, proud of its history and its identity, discover a welcoming and warm city.
From Rennes to Hede-Bazouges
Welcome to Rennes! The capital of Brittany is under your wheels. Half-timbered houses, paved streets, the city offers an unknown charm. You descend on the first lock canal Ille and Rance. Your journey on the towing begins. Under the trees and on a nice surfaced lane, you enjoy a flat route in the middle of a hilly landscape. After some villages, you arrive on the basin of Bazouge. It constitutes a reserve of water to feed the canal. The site of the eleven locks represents a water staircase. It allows a negative elevation of 27 meters. For you, it is especially a superb site by the close succession of the flowery locks in a beautiful alignment. If a boat engages, you will see the work of the lock keepers!
From Hede-Bazouges to Dinan
From the village of Hédé, you descend on the "11 locks". You resume your journey on the towing. At Tinténiac, in an old lock house, a museum tells you the history of ancient crafts. Your path continues in the middle of the bocage nature. At the height of Pleugueneuc, you can reach the castle of Bourbansais. A zoo will delight young and old in this historic space. Here is Evran, it is here that the Ille and the Rance bind themselves to reach the sea. Before the last effort to reach Dinan, located on an imposing rocky outcrop, you cross Léhon, one of the most beautiful small cities of character of Brittany. All houses are beautiful. It reigns an old atmosphere but alive and warm. You enter Dinan by the port. Enjoy the place before climbing the historic center of one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Brittany.
From Dinan to Saint-Malo
You descend on Dinan harbor and continue your roaming on the haul. Nevertheless, it does not take you to Saint-Malo. After a few kilometers you have to leave the canal to join a beautiful green lane built on an old railway line. It is she who by the Breton countryside, will lead you to Dinard. Arrival on this seaside resort of the 19th century, a stop is needed to discover the beautiful villas and enjoy why not an ice cream in front of the beach! Then embark on a small cruise to cross the mouth of the Rance (resulting from the Canal that you have traveled from Rennes). By boat you reach Saint-Malo such as Surcouf or Cartier, navigators and famous corsairs of the city.
From Saint-Malo to Cancale
In the morning, you leave the corsair city to reach the port of Cancale. 26 km by bicycle, through the countryside and the seaside. Beautiful malouinières, home of shipowners of Saint-Malo of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, enrich the landscape. In the evening, put your bike on the docks: the opportunity to taste the famous oysters.
From Cancale to Mont Saint-Michel
On the way to an architectural marvel of this world! Alternating small country roads and more important ways by the sea. After Cancale the course is flat. This allows to ride 50km without difficulty on the day. Halfway you pass at the foot of Mont Dol. A foreign rock in the middle of these marsh dishes which is the ideal place for your lunch. After the break, there is still a few kilometers to go through the salt marshes. Then you are at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel. An extra effort awaits you, on foot this time, to reach the heights and the famous abbey.
Mont Saint-Michel, Norman Loop
For your last day you have the opportunity to make this last loop before leaving the region: Today, take the height to appreciate the grandeur of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. On the small Norman roads, your path will take you to Roche Torin. You have then descended to the sea level. It emerges from this place a singular atmosphere, almost mystical sometimes, with a privileged view of the Mont Saint-Michel.

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